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Institut pour la coopération transfrontalière

Project “TEIN - platform for cross-border dialogue” approved!


The Polish and Czech partners of the TEIN succeeded in their application for an INTERREG PL-CZ microproject.

A grant was approved in order to create a platform for cross-border dialogues between European countries with historically conflictual pasts. The target groups of the project include public institutions – such as governments, universities, and research institutions, NGOs within the Cieszyn Euroregion, select TEIN-affiliated organizations (CUAS, University of Perpignan, University of Girona, CCBS, Euro-Institut) and other formally cooperating entities. The project promotes the hosting of international visits that will be held in multiple border regions: those of Poland and the Czech Republic, Italy-Slovenia-Austria, Ireland and North Ireland (UK), and finally France and Germany.

These international visits (three planned to take place through March of next year) will include cross-border forums, site visits, and idea exchanges, in addition to open dialogue and brainstorming sessions.

A further aim of the project is to develop recommendations for the area of the Polish-Czech Euroregion Cieszyn Silesia, focused on building and developing mutual relations between Poles and Czechs, taking into account their difficult mutual history.


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Travail en équipe interculturelle
Les trois Länder allemands voisins de la France - Le Bade-Wurtemberg, la Rhénanie-Palatinat et la Sarre dans une perspective comparée
Journée d'actualité "Diplomatie économique territoriale - Diplomatie et territoires" - Marseille
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