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Institut für Grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit

Euroregions: laboratories for European integration?

Cooperation between local authorities in cross-border territories: which realities and which future?

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Euroregion, Regio, Eurodistrict, Eurocity, Grande Région, many concepts do exist in order to describe a grouping of local authorities from different states on a common cross-border territory. Today, there is a large number and a great diversity of such cooperation structures in Europe but they all address the same objective: simplifying cooperation in order to actively improve the quality of live in border-areas.


  • Do they have a legal form?
  • Are the local authorities that are part of those structures always from the same level?
  • What are their competences and capacities?
  • How do they work, how are they organized?


This seminar intends to deal with all these questions allowing an exchange of experience between participants coming from different border-regions in Europe. It will be also the opportunity for the Euro-Institut to celebrate its 15th birthday.

Program and Documentation

Cordiale Präsidium und Direktion

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10.00 : Opening and presentation of the goals of the day

Monique JUNG, President of the Euro-Institute


10.15 : Euroregion : an attempt to define the concept
Birte WASSENBERG, Senior lecturer, Institut des Hautes Etudes Européennes, Strasbourg


10.45 : The trilateral Upper Rhine: a cross-border potential to develop - Speech / Presentation
Dr. Sven von UNGERN-STERNBERG, Vice-President of the Euro-Institute

11.00 : Evolutions in other border regions


11.30 : Supporting the development of euroregions: a necessity
Round table moderated by Dr. Joachim BECK, Director of the Euro-Institute 

  • The Euro-Institute - facilitating cooperation between administrations by training and consulting
    Anne THEVENET, Assistant director
  • The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities - A specific action for euroregions
    Giampaolo CORDIALE, Co-Secretary of the Chamber of regions
  • The Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière - Operational assistance to local authorities in cross-border territories
    Jacques HOUBART, Executive Manager
  • The Association of European Border Regions - a network for cross-border regions – lobbying
    Véra NETTE, Assistant director for Cooperation and International relations, Région Alsace
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14.00 : How to improve the effectiveness of euroregions?

  • Governance-models - Introductory statement and discussion
    Dr. Daniel RÖLLE, Deutsche Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer
  • Delegation of competences and tasks - Introductory statement and discussion
    Michel CASTEIGTS, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour
  • Status and legal framework - Introductory statement and discussion
    Robert HERTZOG, Université Robert Schuman


16.15 : Summary and conclusion
Michel CASTEIGTS, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour

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